School librarian project

The School librarian project is our second three-year Lottery funded project. A child at your school who is entitled to use our library – for example, because of blindness or visual impairment, dyslexia, or a physical disability – can become a ‘Seeing Ear school librarian’.


We want young people like Jessica to have the same opportunities to enjoy reading and learning as her friends

The librarian is able to request any books that they or their friends need in an electronic format. We then provide the books in a flexible format on our library for download by any of our library users.

Children get the books they need

We transcribe requested books into our accessible electronic format as soon as we are able to obtain printed copies. The easiest way is for the school librarian, with the help of a teacher or classroom assistant, to send us their copy of the book. We return the book within a few days, after we have scanned it. Alternatively, if this is not possible, we try to source a printed copy ourselves, but this sometimes takes a little longer.

After we have scanned the book we begin the process of transcription. Once complete, the book is added to our online library and the school librarian is told that the book is ready for download.

Books requested by school librarians are also added to a public “wish list”. This way, all school librarians and other users of the Seeing Ear online library can see which books we’re currently working on and how far we’ve got.

Taking part

We have already achieved our target of giving sixty children the chance to be a Seeing Ear school librarian. However, if you represent a school at which there is a child who may wish to take part, please contact us as we may still have the capacity for more participants!

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