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A Brief History Of Time

Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Bantam Books (1988)

'One of the most brilliant scientific minds since Einstein' Daily Express Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it ; have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiece which begins by reviewing the great theories of the cosmos from Newton to Einstein, before delving into the secrets which still lie at the heart of space and time. 'Master of the Universe... One scientist's courageous voyage to the frontiers of the Cosmos' Newsweek 'He can explain the complexities of cosmological physics with an engaging combination of clarity and wit...His is a brain of extraordinary power' Observer 'To follow such a fine mind as it exposes such great problems is an exciting experience' Sunday Times

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Achieve Key Stage 2 Science Revision Book 100

Author: Pauline Hannigan

Publisher: Rising Stars (2015)

An 80-page revision book that covers everything Year 6 children need to achieve 100 in the new National Science Sampling Tests. With a unique flowchart approach, this book not only covers all of the content that could be tested, it will show children how to answer test questions. Use alongside Achieve 100 Science Practice Questions book

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Achieve Key Stage 2 Science Revision Book 100+

Author: Pauline Hannigan

Publisher: Rising Stars (2015)

A 64-page revision book that covers the more challenging areas of the national curriculum to help more able Year 6 children fulfil their full potential. These practice questions provide challenging practice for the new National Science Sampling Tests to help more able children fulfil their full potential.

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An Astronomer's Tale

Author: Gary Fildes

Publisher: Cornerstone (2016)

A former bricklayer who decided to follow his passion for the stars after working on sites for 25 years, Gary Fildes is the founder and lead astronomer of Kielder observatory. Part-memoir, part-seasonal guide to the night sky, An Astronomer's Tale finds Gary explaining why he loves the stars so much and the reasons why he decided to set up an observatory in the forests that are located in what is officially the darkest place in England. Sitting beneath a sky that is so clear that thousands of stars can be seen every night, you can even see Venus cast a shadow and the Northern Lights on many occasions from his observatory. Describing his love in an accessible style, he shares his enthusiasm and the chapters alternate between accounts of his life and a month-by-month guide to stargazing for a general reader. Gary states how if he can reconnect with the wonders of nature, you surely can, too!

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AQA Additional Science

Authors: Jim Brelthaupt, Ann Fullick, Patrick Fullick, Lawrie Ryan

Publisher: Nelson Thornes (2011)

The student books have been written by experienced teachers and subject experts specifically for the latest AQA GCSE Science specifications. They provide differentiated content to support, stretch and challenge all abilities. How Science Works is integrated throughout the books with additional online activities offering comprehensive guidance and support. Maths Skills activities in the books and online help develop their understanding of the subject. Practice questions and study tips help prepare students for their exams. Controlled Assessment sections in the student books as well as online activities and worksheets provide practice and guidance.

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AQA Science

Authors: Ann Fullick, Patrick Fullick, Jim Breithaupt, Lawrence Ryan

Publisher: Nelson Thornes (2006)

The only endorsed and approved student resources for AQA GCSE Science. The best selling AQA Science series provides all the support you need to achieve exam success

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Black Holes

Author: Anna Claybourne

Part of a series: Collins Big Cat Series Ruby Level

Publisher: Collins Educational (2013)

What are black holes and where do they come from? Find out all the amazing things scientists have discovered about black holes and beyond...

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Cgp Key Stage Three Science The Revision Guide Levels 3 - 6

Author: Paddy Gannon

Publisher: Coordination Group (2004)

This book is full of clear revision notes and diagrams for the key topics in KS3 Science. It covers Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and Their Properties and Physical Processes for students working at levels 3-6. The whole thing's designed to make revision straightforward - each section is split into a topic per page, with questions to check what you've learnt at the end of the section. It's all explained simply and thoroughly and there's the odd joke thrown in to help break up the revision. Let's face it, you want CGP Revision Books - not other people's dreary stuff. Everyone else just gives you dreary revision books with only the boring stuff in and no entertainment. Boo. Hiss. We're different - we always try and make sure you're gonna enjoy using our books. What you really need is a Free Catalogue showing the full range of CGP Revision Books. That way you can be sure you're not missing out on a brilliant book that might just save your life.

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Chemical Chaos

Authors: Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles

Part of a series: Horrible Chemistry

Publisher: New Edition (2008)

Science with the squishy bits left in! Why aren't glass eyes really made of glass? What would make the worst stink bomb ever? How do you make your own toothpaste? Get the awful answers in Chemical Chaos!

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Dead Dinosaurs

Author: Martin Oliver

Part of a series: The Knowledge

Publisher: Scholastic Ltd (2000)

Discover some of the most amazing animals that have ever existed. Read about the mysteries that palaeontologists are dying to solve. Find out about dinosaur disasters, and rotten relics like dino-dung. Put T-Rex on trial, try the dead dinosaur quizzes and see if you could be a dead-dino detective.

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