We want our online library to grow. By volunteering in our offices or from home you will be helping us add books to our online library, making it an ever more attractive resource for readers who have a disability that affects their reading.

Meet some of our fantastic volunteers and find out why they help us

We have a sophisticated production process for adding new books to our library. We scan the books using the latest scanning technologies, convert them into Microsoft Word files and then carefully edit them. The editing process involves correcting mistakes that occur during conversion and marking up the document to make it easier for a reader to navigate.

Scanning a textbookAs a new volunteer you will be given full training in this process. All that we require before you start is that you have some familiarity with using Windows and, in particular, Microsoft Word.

As a volunteer you will join a friendly and supportive office of volunteers and staff, gain real workplace IT skills, and be making a valued contribution to our work.

Editing scanned books in Microsoft Word

Home working

If you are unable to volunteer in our offices, you can carry out some of our production work at home. We have comprehensive online training to help you get started, and you will be supported by email, skype or phone contact with our offices. All you need is Microsoft Word 2007 or a later version.

Get in contact

If you are interested in volunteering, please email support [at] seeingear.org.

Volunteer support

If you are already a volunteer and need to refer to our instructions or find out how to contact us for help with production work you are doing for us from home, please see the production process wiki.