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A Dog Called Grk

Author: Josh Lacey

Part of a series: Grk

Publisher: Andersen Press (2005)

When Tim finds an abandoned and bedraggled little dog outside his house, he can't just leave him there, even though his parents hate the idea of pets in their house. And then the endearing animal turns out to be Grk, the much loved pet of the recently replaced ambassador of Stanislavia, left behind when they made a rushed (and enforced) exit. Tim innocently wants to reunite them, but it means that he will become embroiled in the violent and dangerous politics of this little known East European country. To find them, he will have to break into a high security prison (and out again!) and escape from the consequent hue and cry. This will involve the hair-raising piloting of a helicopter, and a nail-biting race for the border.

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A Night In The Dinosaur Graveyard

Authors: AJ Wood, Wayne Anderson

Publisher: Picture Lions (1994)

A spooky dinosaur adventure story, with ten moving holograms. When Max and Lucy accompany their professor grandfather on a fossil hunt, they have no idea what strange adventure awaits them.

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A Spot Of Bother

Author: Mark Haddon

Publisher: Vintage (2007)

"It's a resolutely unpretentious read: drily, almost flatly funny, but with a deep, sharp humanity..." One of the "50 best holiday reads"

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Author: Garth Nix

Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books (2005)

The long-buried secrets of the Old Kingdom and the Ninth Gate are revealed in the sequel to Sabriel and Lirael. Orannis, the Destroyer, has been freed from its subterranean prison and now seeks to unleash its terrible powers. Only Lirael, Abhorsen-in-Waiting, has any chance of stopping this enemy of all Life. As she and her companions – Sameth, the Disreputable Dog and Mogget – set out on their fated journey, Lirael has no idea of what lies ahead. Only days earlier, Lirael was merely a Second Assistant Librarian. Now, with only a vision from the Clayr to guide her and without the experience of Abhorsen Sabriel and King Touchstone, she must search both Life and Death for some means to defeat the Destroyer. Before it is too late…

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Adventure Stories

Author: Clive King

Publisher: Kingfisher (2004)

Adventure Stories chosen by Clive King Action-packed! Across frozen mountains and stormy seas, through steamy jungles and dusty savannahs, the classic heroes and modern-day adventurers featured here battle against nature, unexpected enemies-and sometimes even themselves.

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African Adventure

Author: Willard Price

Publisher: Red Fox (1963)

AFRICAN ADVENTURE 'Hal, there's something you should know. That leopard-man who tried to lead us away from the trail-I think I know who it was... someone from our own camp' On safari in African big-game country Hal and Roger Hunt are on the trail of a vicious man-eating tiger, accompanied by a puffed-up fraudster, Colonel Bigg. As if that weren't enough, the boys are themselves being tracked by a merciless band of killers known as the Leopard Society. When Hal and Roger sense their own tracker has been blackmailed into leading them to their deaths, the brothers realize he needs their help. But isn't it rather dangerous to try to help a man who is out to murder you?

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Against The Day

Author: Michael Cronin

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2003)

This is the story of two boys who are living in England under the occupation of the Third Reich. They must learn to live with their new neighbours - the German gestapo - but become drawn into the secret world of the Resistance. All over Britain people are quietly preparing, waiting for the day when a signal will come - and when that day does arrive, the boys find themselves caught up in the most dangerous time of their lives. Exciting World War II thriller showing how life could have been if the Nazis had invaded Britain.

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Author: Simon Cheshire

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (2014)

George and his friends have won an incredible prize, the chance to visit the Berners-Lee space station for a special overnight school trip. But after less than an hour in space, a devastating explosion rips through the orbiting platform, killing most of the crew and leaking almost all of the station's air supply into space. All the evidence suggests deliberate sabotage, which means the terrorist must still be on board. But who can it be? With time running out and little hope of a rescue, can George and his friends stop the saboteur, save the space station, and survive?

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Amazon Advenuture

Author: Willard Price

Publisher: Red Fox (2005)

In Amazon Adventure, Hal and Roger Hunt take a pioneering expedition with their father into the uncharted waters of the Pastaza River, deep in the Amazonian jungle. They're looking for animals for their father's collection, but it seems someone doesn't want them to succeed and when their mother is threatened back home Hal and Roger are left to continue the mission alone...

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An Adventure For Robo Dog

Author: Pat Thomson

Part of a series: Oxford Reading Tree All Stars: Pack 1

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2002)

This is a good, easy read for the average six year old. It is beautifully written and extremely funny. An excellent way to introduce a child into the joys of reading.

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